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the wiggums [28 Jul 2004|01:31am]
Hey, Arizona's own ska/punk band The Wiggums are back after a 1 year hiatus!!! You die hard ska fans MIGHT have seen our home-made lo-fi video on the camp ska DVD...fun stuff! hehe.
Please check out our NEW website at www.thewiggumssuck.com and our music at www.purevolume.com/thewiggums we really need people to check us out on Pure Volume...so if you want some FREE ska music...stream it, and if you like it, download it...we would also LOVE to have you on our friends list...so add us...and if you like MY Space...check www.myspace.com/thewiggums.... werd 'em UP!

.:andy wiggum:.
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[18 Dec 2003|09:57am]


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[04 Nov 2003|09:51pm]


R O C K K I L L S K I D !

join: rockkillskid

and go see them:

11.20.03 Corona, CA Showcase Theatre
682 S Main St.
Big Collapse [[www.themilitiagroup.com]], Salem, Last Collapse

11.26.03 San Diego, CA The Scene
7514 Clairmont Mesa blvd.
Black Market Hearts, Cursor, Allotic

sorry for crossposting...
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Join my Community [23 Sep 2003|04:53pm]
For all you Militia Group fans


and tell all your friends.
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SOUTHEN CALIFORNIA (AGAIN) [22 Sep 2003|12:44pm]

Chain Reaction in Anaheim!!
Big Collapse (the latest from The Militia Group)

Listen to MP3
Big Collapse Website
<a href="www.themilitiagroup.com>Big Collapse E-Card</a> only $8. You guys should check it out.
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Southern California [20 Sep 2003|07:19pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

@ Chain Reaction in Anaheim
Tora!Tora!Torrance! (The Militia Group)
only $8

T!T!T! MP3
T!T!T! Website
The Militia Group Records Website

Be there.

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[10 Aug 2003|12:55am]

[ mood | bored ]

Well, no one has posted in here in a long time, so I figured I would. I've actually never posted in here, or listened to the show because I had to work every Tuesday night. One day I swear I'll get to it haha. I was just wondering if anyone in this community likes HUM and/or is going to Furnace Fest?

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[19 Jun 2003|03:19pm]

Motion City Soundtrack stuff.....everyone needs to check this band out and pick up their new cd "i am the movie" on june 24th on epitaph records. also get their EP split with schatzi which is out on doghouse records

official website

e-card, you can stream the whole album

Music video for "My Favorite Accident" (dsl/cable)
Music video for "My Favorite Accident" (56k)
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new commuinity please join [21 Dec 2002|11:29pm]

hey all. I just made a new community... no one's joined yet so please help me out and join it's called... emo_loves_indie... you can post about music, shows, veiws on artists, lyrics, pictures, whatever you want just please join.

click here to join

sorry for cross posting
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--sunday sunday sunday--- [27 Jun 2002|11:34pm]

... I know this has been posted but it's totally worth mentioning again ...

[this is all the info I got from the Nural mailing list]

On Sunday June 30th, Nural will be playing with:
Audio Karate ~ Dumbstruck ~ Off The Record ~ Diary
Running Late ~ Junction 18 ~ Soapbox Revolt ~ The Silence Lonely Kings ~ Brightlife ~ August Ends ~ None the Less Fozzy's Hero ~ Audio Crush ~ Wester ~ General Purpose 5606 ~ Second to None ~ All Day Long [go here for the lineup]

These bands, a full bar w/ID, Skate Ramps, a BBQ, Local Pro AMS, Give Aways, Game Booths, Sponser Booths, $10 w/ins and outs
[unlimited] - (yay!!!) will be all be included in the annual, huge event called PUNKFEST!!! Visit www.PunkFest.net for all the info.

Visitwww.Mapquest.com for directions...

The Legion Hall
7338 Canby St.
Reseda, CA 91335

Event Sponsered by:
Drive Thru Records, 520 Productions, BandAideOnline, Skratch, Dying Wish Records, IBEX Records, Valley Tatto & Smoke Shop, Curly & Spike, Backside Records in Burbank, ANGRY GIRL Printing,
Session Records & 99cent Records.

Also, according to the site, which I just visited, the First 50 people at punkfest will recieve the Lobster Records compilation, "Greetings".
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mock mock mock [30 May 2002|06:17pm]

[ mood | amused ]

no way im a valley kid, but whatever, ill learn to deal....
heheh you guys make me laugh
glad i got to listen tonight
viva la dylan and george!
great show!

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[20 May 2002|01:49am]


its rad. ok? OK!!!!!!
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damn being grounded! [24 Apr 2002|10:09pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

i cant believe i missed CN:R on fat and lazy!
i hate being grounded!

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[23 Apr 2002|12:07pm]

codename rocky is gonna be on fat and lazy radio tonight fro 6-8 pm pacific time
we will also be premiering the CHOC comp and have the guy who put it together on
so be sure to tune in......we migt even have a contest or 2


call 562-860-2451 xt 2626 o 2628 during the sho
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[19 Mar 2002|08:31am]

melee is gonna be on the show tonite
its gonna rock hardcore style......er something like that
if you got any questions for em or comments or anything you know the drill
post em here, ocska message board, e-mail us or call us.
listen tonite.....6-8pm
562-860-2451 xt 2626 or 2628

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[12 Mar 2002|08:43pm]

i'm stoked for the show tonight! i'm just going to sit back and be amazed by sir Dylan of McDonaldton, CHRIS FREAKIN MURRAY, and...george.
i don't have any requests because...well, i live in michigan, and, in the boonies, and i don't know SHIT about the orange county scene and whatnot, so just...play some darn tootin' good music.


OOH OOH! i know! play some mates of state! they're terrific!
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[04 Mar 2002|04:38pm]

so tomorrow nights show is gonna rock
we will have up syndrome in as our special guest
they will be doing an interview
we are premiering their new cd that is bieng released tomorrow on criterion records
and they will be doing a special acoustic preformance
we will also have contests with lots of give aways

you can post comments in here with any requests you have for songs or any questions you have for us or up syndrome

also feel free to e-mail our instructor and tell him we are doing a good job...dont say we told you to tho
his e-mail is breit@cerritos.edu

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[27 Feb 2002|12:22am]

tonites show went well
we had steve (singer) and adrian (drummer) from teh silence in. we got the show recorded but stupid beatles guy was using both the burners so i didnt get to finalize it. i have to tomorrow.

so yeah this is like an update place for the show but anyone can post in here. talk about the shows or bands you think we should play, or bands we do play but you dont think we should. um whatever you want really. i just had an extra LJ code and figured id make this
next week on our show is up syndrom

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